David and Marlena

When I was a little boy, I knew it was Sunday because first thing in the morning mum would bring a bowl into my room with a freshly made ball of pizza dough that she had just made. She would show it to me then say “watch the magic” just before placing it at the end of my bed under the covers to allow it to rise in a nice warm place. After a while she would come back and show me how it had doubled in size. Magic! So began my love for pizza.

Growing up in Perth in a Sicilian household you learn there are two things that matter. Family & Food. If we would plan any sort of outing or gathering the first question would always be “what are we going to eat?"

I solved this problem when I took the wood-fired oven from my backyard and bolted it to my trailer. Something that started as a hobby very quickly became our living.

We started Vesbar Mobile Pizza Bar in 2005. The idea was to give customers the same wood-fired delicacies that I have such great memories of from when I was growing up. Nothing brings people together better than fire and food. The trailer and oven is very easy to move around so we like to place it right in the heart of the party. It creates a wonderful atmosphere and talking point for any occasion. Guests love to come up and see how it works and sometimes they will make their own pizzas just for fun.

Vesbar is a family business and everyone brings something to the party to ensure it is a memorable evening. I cook and my fiancee Marlena brings the pizzas around on long wooden serving boards for a rustic touch. If there is anyone who loves food more than the Italians, it’s the French and Marlena’s French accent when describing the pizzas makes them taste even better!

Elio (aka: Nonno)

Dad has been in the hospitality industry for more than 40 years. When it comes to serving people and making them happy, no one does it better.

Working mostly behind the scenes, Elio makes our dough, our sauces, prepares everything fresh for every party and when he is not in the kitchen, he is in the garden growing basil, rocket, Italian parsley, and chillies for the pizzas.

It is Elio’s job to make sure that every party runs like clock work. Believe me this old school perfectionist doesn’t miss a trick! Elio is what I call the original “foodie”. He doesn’t even know what a foodie is but he does have a great passione for serving really good fresh tasty food.