Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?

Nothing! You are booking us to cater for your function, let us take care of everything. We come with all our own power, lighting, water, serving trays and ingredients. The only thing you need provide is an area for us to set up, drinks, napkins and 50 hungry people.

How long do you stay for?

A standard booking is around 2hrs serving time. We only need to arrive 30mins before your guests are looking for food. If it is longer than two hours it is not a problem, we stay until everyone is well and truly full.

What is your minimum booking?

Our minimum booking is for 50 people, and is $1390.

How big is the pizza oven and trailer?

The trailer measures (in cm) : 140W 180L 200H.

Do you offer gluten free pizzas?

Yes. All our toppings are 100% gluten free, and if you pre-order we can make gluten free bases too.

We are looking at much more than 50 people, can you turn out the pizzas quick enough?

We can fit up to 24 pizzas in the oven at the one time. They are cooked in 8 minutes so it's not a problem to turn them out quickly if you have a larger party or even a limited serving time for corporate bookings.

We are getting a cake, do we need dessert pizzas?

Dessert pizzas and cake always gets eaten! After all the savoury toppings the sweet pizzas are a great way to finish the night and always seem to be everyone's favourite.

Do we need to choose what pizzas you cook?

We cook an extensive selection from our menu and every party is slightly different according to the occasion. We keep mixing up the pizzas all night. It keeps everyone eating and enjoying the experience. Guests are also welcome to request there favourite toppings.

Do you make your own base?

We make everything fresh!! We believe that a good pizza starts with a good base. Our dough is proved for 24hrs to allow sufficient resting time. This results in a beautiful thin, light and crisp base.

What makes Vesbar different?

All our pizzas are made with “passione” - our gourmet deli. Open 7 days a week, we stock the finest small goods and food delicacies in Perth. Everything we use comes from our store. The meats we use are 100% gluten free, ham on the bone, ciacciatore sausage, ventricina salami, chorizo, goats cheese, real mozzarella, home-made sauce and loads of fresh herbs are just some of the things that make our pizzas different.

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